DAMASK – “Anthracite” handbag



DAMASK is a ROOLF brand bag, you can use it as a traditional handbag or as a beach bag, picnic basket, toy bag, sports bag…


Most :

  • DAMASK is a large bag with an interior pocket and a small integrated bag!
  • In particular, you can store a tablet or a small laptop in the small make-up bag.
  • The inner pouch can attach to the larger bag with small clasps, or you can use the two separately.

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Features :

Made from finely woven 100% UV stabilized polypropylene.

Great solidity – Large capacity

Color: Anthracite


Bag: W 54 cm x D 37 cm x H 17 cm

Pouch: W 40 cm x D 30 cm x H 5 cm

Special Price: Rs 7,500 instead of Rs 12,500



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